Master Shot VR

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Master Shot VR: Real guns, live multiplayer competition
Take your best shot with Master Shot VR, the live virtual shooting competition. Fire an arsenal full of realistic weapons from automatic pistols to sub-machine guns at drone targets and various attackers. Compete live on out-there multiplayer firing ranges and out-trash-talk your opponent.

Put your skills on display competing globally in a wide range of different shooting challenges. Use your shooting skills to survive a range of dangerous scenarios and trigger many gratuitous explosions. We’re working hard to make the weapons handling as realistic as possible, but our focus is on out-there, open 180 degree ranges with lots of interactive targets and live multi-player. From this point on co-op modes, rescuing survivors etc. is easy to implement.

We are constantly adding new weapons and insane/stupid challenges.
Do you have what it takes to become the next Master Shot? Barrels up!


  • Live multiplayer firing ranges
  • Nice, realistic guns
  • Interactive gun ranges with zombies, drones and many gratuitous explosions
  • Shoot Shotguns, AK’s, Pistols and other guns
  • Two-handed gun handling & recoil
  • Time trials and other challenges
  • Global leaderboards

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